OntoPay™ is a fraud defeating smart-phone payment App that offers unsurpassed security when paying for goods and services online and simple convenience at physical points of sale.

OntoPay™ verifies the identity of the consumer while protecting his/her financial privacy.

Taking only a few taps of the smart-phone screen, its user simplicity and flexibility makes it an app suitable for everyday every-payment use.

The smart-phone is person specific and OntoPay™ is a smart-phone specific, therefore providing strong customer authentication through a simple payment application.

Payment Industry

OntoPay™ is good for the
Retailer / E-Commerce

OntoPay™ makes paying online a simple and fast process for your customers. OntoPay™ also stores the URL of your shop for easy recall making it easy for your customers to return. With its worldwide patent pending 4 factor authentication process, OntoPay™ eliminates fraud from card not present transactions by instantly verifying the identity of the purchaser and payer in one seamless process, saving your business money.

Payment Industry

OntoPay™ is good for

OntoPay™ removes card fraud from online and card not present transactions. Worldwide patent pending 2 stage 4 Factor Authentication process. Card details remain hidden and are not stored on the phone. Reducing losses to card fraud. Simple to use. Increases payment completions.
OntoPay™ works by combining existing proven technologies to create a very simple but effective application.

Payment Industry

OntoPay™ is good for the

Simple and fast to use. Financial (and personal) privacy protected. Never have to provide card details to a retailer or online checkout. OntoPay™ prevents unauthorised use of your payment card details. Simple process – No more entering card and secure ID information online. OntoPay™ stores a record of your transactions and shops so you can easily recall a purchase, or a shop you purchased from to make another purchase.



Just download the OntoPay™ app from the usual sources and register just once.
Registration is no more complex than making an online purchase using a payment card, but with some added verification requirements.
Once the user’s details and phone are validated, it’s ready to go.



OntoPay™ uses existing payment rails – debit or credit cards.
OntoPay™ makes paying online simple and fast.
The transaction is authorised on the user’s phone.
Payment card information is never transmitted or shared.



Consumer privacy is at the heart of OntoPay™. No payment card details are stored on the phone or transmitted at any time.
The consumer no longer needs to store with or give their payment card details to an online shop, reducing the risk of its details being stolen. The merchant only sees a payment confirmation or cancellation notification.

The OntoPay™ user enjoys an incredibly simple and frictionless transaction process whether making a purchase online, on the smart-phone itself, or on any other online enabled device, or in a simple street market stall.

No card details given to the Merchant. No using card details belonging to someone else. No resulting charge-backs or hardware required for the business. 4 factor authentication virtually eliminating card fraud in card not present transactions.The transaction is always authorised on the user’s phone.



When making an online purchase, the user just selects the OntoPay™ payment option on the website checkout page and is prompted to enter his/her phone number on the OntoPay™ payment screen and a Transaction Payment Request (TPR) notification is sent directly to his/her phone.
The user then enters a PIN chosen at registration to authorise the transaction. The second authentication server then requests the user to confirm the payment, and it’s done.
The whole process is very fast and the consumer and merchant receive simultaneous confirmation that the payment has been processed.

OntoPay™ is available for Apple and Android Operating systems.
OntoPay™ headquarters are in Ireland and it has representation in the United Kingdom, United States and Germany.