Eliminate Fraud

OntoPay™, through its worldwide, patent pending, 4 factor authentication process, validates the identity of the purchaser of your goods, obtains the permission of the payer and makes the payment.

OntoPay™ is smart-phone specific and the smart-phone is person specific, providing a sure method of validating and authenticating your customer.

OntoPay™ verifies each payment card in its wallet through the 3-DS/Verified-by-Visa protocol, to eliminate the use of stolen payment card details.

OntoPay™ enhances the security of all existing card based payment systems and goes beyond the fraud beating standard of our competitors.

Increase Payment Completions

OntoPay™ users enjoy an incredibly simple and frictionless transaction process that requires only a few taps of the smart-phone screen to execute a payment, whether it’s for an online purchase or an in-store purchase.

No more entering card details online, no more complicated 3D security forms, no more failed payment completions due to forgotten passwords, increasing payment completions for your business.

Adopting OntoPay™ does not affect your existing payment options in any way. It is an additional payment option for your business.


Increase Revenue

Payment card fraud is on the increase worldwide. Card fraud can damage your profits through; merchant account charge-backs, the loss of goods, lost customers whose cards details may have been compromised on your website or in your store. OntoPay™ means you don’t have to process, store, or transmit payment card data.

OntoPay™ users can easily share your URL/shop with their friends, driving more customers to your business.

Build Customer Loyalty

OntoPay™ offers added security and payment simplicity to your customers. When your customer purchases from you, Ontopay™ stores a history of your website URL in the app making it a one tap action for your customer to return, increasing customer loyalty for your business.

Adding the OntoPay™ payment solution to your customers is simple – download and install the OntoPay™ plug-in for your shopping cart and register with us

Reduce costs for your business

If you are a physical shop or business owner, OntoPay™ allows you to receive payment without the need for card readers, NFC Hardware, or any other expensive technology. All you need is your merchant account and phone or smartpad, saving you money and hassle.

OntoPay™ costs only a few cent more per transaction than a standard card transaction.

Reduce your PCI Compliance effort

Importantly, OntoPay™ takes payment card details out of the payment process.

OntoPay™ transactions do not require you to store, process, or transmit payment card details, which could reduce or even eliminate your PCI compliance costs and effort.