Verify the identity of the purchaser, obtain the permission of the payer, and make the payment, all in one simple to use application.


4 Factor Authentication Payment Process – Worldwide Patent Pending. Card present transactions provide two factor authentication, card not present transaction provide one factor authentication where 3D secure or verified by Visa is used, otherwise card not present transaction offer zero authentication as the identity of the individual using the card cannot proven.

OntoPay™ is smart-phone specific and the smart-phone is person specific, therefore providing strong customer authentication, which is in line with the European Banking Authority “Secure Payments Initiative”.

OntoPay™ uses the 3-DS/Verified-by-Visa protocol to verify each payment card being added to its wallet to eliminate the use of stolen payment card details.

OntoPay™ enhances the security of all existing card based payment systems, while simplifying the payment process for the consumer.

Use Existing Payment Rails. OntoPay™ users can choose to use debit, credit, or preloaded payment cards on their App.

OntoPay™ uses existing payment rails providing an evolutionary easy to understand payment method for merchants and consumers. To use OntoPay™, merchants need no hardware and very little software adaption.


Plug & Play API Integration. OntoPay™ can provide integration code for all popular shopping carts to Platform Providers and Payment Gateways. Independant Vendors can add the OntoPay™ payment option to their checkout page or PoS software with a minimum of fuss through our Plugin.

PCI DSS Level 1 Certified. Consumer financial privacy and security is to the forefront at OntoPay™. All payment card data is entered and stored on a PCI DSS Level 1 certified compliant server environment. Tokens and One Time Transaction codes are used to execute payments. Payment card details are never transmitted or displayed during the payment process.

Acquire New Customers. If you are just an online payment service provider, OntoPay™ offers you the opportunity to get into PoS without the need for card terminals. It will also give you the edge with your e-commerce business clients, increasing transaction volumes.

Improve Payment Security. OntoPay™ provides a faster, safer, more convenient way to make online payments to the benefit of all players in the industry. OntoPay™ can provide you with what you need so you can offer the OntoPay™ payment solution to your merchant clients and customers.