OntoPay™ Worldwide Patent Pending

OntoPay™ is proud to announce that it now has worldwide patent pending on the authentication process involved in its ground breaking application.

OntoPay™ is a fraud defeating smart-phone payment App that verifies the identity of the purchaser, obtains the permission of the payer and makes the payment with just a few taps of the smart-phone screen. OntoPay™ uses 4 factor authentication (4FA) in its payment process to eliminate fraud from Card Not Present transactions, improving payment security while simplifying the user experience.

OntoPay™ offers the consumer a simple payment method for online transactions initiated on desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart-phone devices. The App can also be used in physical points of sale for Card Present and Card Not Present transactions.

OntoPay™ is available in iOS and Android format and is free to the consumer to download and use.
The App can be used to make payment transactions online and in-store with any participating business.

The OntoPay™ payment solution can be adopted by any retailer/online or physical merchant, and any third party Payment Gateway through our plug & play API.

OntoPay™ uses existing payment rails – debit/credit cards and allows the user to add any number of payment cards to their OntoPay™ App. In an additional convenience for its users, the OntoPay™ App stores a record of all transactions and the URL of the online shops the user purchases from, making it easy to recall a transaction or return to a previous online shop.

Merchant adoption of the OntoPay™ payment option requires no investment hardware or software.