OntoPay™ Worldwide Patent Pending

OntoPay™ is proud to announce that it now has worldwide patent pending on the authentication process involved in its ground breaking application.

OntoPay™ is a fraud defeating smart-phone payment App that verifies the identity of the purchaser, obtains the permission of the payer and makes the payment with just a few taps of the smart-phone screen. OntoPay™ uses 4 factor authentication (4FA) in its payment process to eliminate fraud from Card Not Present transactions, improving payment security while simplifying the user experience.

OntoPay™ offers the consumer a simple payment method for online transactions initiated on desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart-phone devices. The App can also be used in physical points of sale for Card Present and Card Not Present transactions.

OntoPay™ is available in iOS and Android format and is free to the consumer to download and use.
The App can be used to make payment transactions online and in-store with any participating business.

The OntoPay™ payment solution can be adopted by any retailer/online or physical merchant, and any third party Payment Gateway through our plug & play API.

OntoPay™ uses existing payment rails – debit/credit cards and allows the user to add any number of payment cards to their OntoPay™ App. In an additional convenience for its users, the OntoPay™ App stores a record of all transactions and the URL of the online shops the user purchases from, making it easy to recall a transaction or return to a previous online shop.

Merchant adoption of the OntoPay™ payment option requires no investment hardware or software.

OntoPay™ Payment Gateway Facilitator

OntoPay™ has elevated to the status of Payment Gateway facilitator with PCI DSS Level 1 compliance capabilities.

This position and our software will provide any partnering Payment Gateway and OntoPay™ a “ping” exchange through our plug and play API facility allowing the Payment Gateway to execute OntoPay™ payment transactions for their merchant clients”.

OntoPay™ can also now provide a turnkey payment facility to platform providers and an SDK suite to app providers for seamless transaction processing.

The unique features of OntoPay™ means that the merchant using the OntoPay™ payment solution does not have to handle payment card data thereby eliminating PCI DSS compliance costs and minimising compliance requirement.

OntoPay™ signs deal with Cardstream

OntoPay™ has signed a deal with the value orientated UK based Payment Gateway, Cardstream. The deal presents Cardstream’s large number of e-commerce merchant clients with the opportunity to be the first e-commerce merchants to offer their customers a much more convenient and secure way to pay using the OntoPay™ mobile payment app.

Cardstream is an independent secure online Payment Gateway, processing credit and debit card payments for thousands of merchants every day. Cardstream has over 10 years of experience within the e-commerce industry and offers the best possible rates and service for its merchants.

Cardstream’s CEO, Mr. Adam Sharpe, believes the enhanced security and convenience of OntoPay™, brings mobile commerce to a new level, which will ultimately result in increased sales revenue for its online merchant clients.