Protect Your Financial Privacy

OntoPay™ has worldwide patent pending on its four factor authentication (4FA) technology. This is designed to protect you. OntoPay™ uses your phone as an authentication tool so no one else can pretend they are you. Your OntoPay™ App will only work on your phone and no one else can use it to make a payment as each OntoPay™ transaction requires your chosen private PIN.

With OntoPay™ you never have to provide the details of, or display, your payment card to the seller.

This is important for online or over-the-phone purchases where your payment card details can easily be comprised.

Your financial privacy is particularly relevant when paying with debit cards as they provide immediate access the funds in your bank account. Fraud on your debit card will immediately tie up funds you may need before the issue is resolved.

OntoPay™ stores your payment cards safely on our Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Storage Standard (DSS) Level 1 certified compliant system, which is the highest standard in the payment card industry.

Your payment card details are never disclosed or shared to make a payment. Instead one time transaction tokens are used and transmitted through 256 Bit SSL encryption. No payment card details are stored on your phone so your payment cards are safe if your phone is stolen and data robbed.

Secure Payment Made Simple

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Simple to Set Up

Just download the OntoPay™ app from the App Store or Play Store.
You go through a simply registration process that; validates your phone, creates your PIN, and verifies your details.
To authenticate your phone, OntoPay™ we will text you your App activation code and you’re ready to go.
You can then use OntoPay™ anywhere you see the OntoPay™ payment option.


Simple to Use

Using OntoPay™ you enjoy an incredibly simple and frictionless transaction process that is requires only a few taps of your smart-phone screen to execute a payment, whether it’s for an online purchase or an in-store purchase.

Fast Online Payments

OntoPay™ is a dream for online transactions, No more entering card details online, no more complicated 3D security forms and locked out cards, no more failed payment completions due to forgotten passwords.

Save your Card just Once

No more having to store or update your card details on several websites, or when you renew or replace your card. You can save all of your cards with OntoPay™ and select the one you want to use for a payment.


Record your Transactions and Shops

OntoPay™ records and stores all of your transactions for you convenience.

No more holding onto paper receipts cluttering your wallet or purse. Recall a transaction quickly and easily.

OntoPay™ records and stores the online shops you purchase from from your convenience.

Just scroll and tap to return to a shop to make another purchase or check out an order. Share your shops with your friends.

Your records are always kept private. OntoPay™ does not share your shopping habits. Please see our App Privacy Policy.

OntoPay™ is phone specific therefore no one can access your OntoPay™ records except on your phone.